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You never know what to expect when you “friend” someone on social media. Turns out I happended onto something very memorable. A couple of weeks ago I followed Knoxville, Tennessee band Luminoth on Twitter. Shortly after I followed them on Facebook as well.  I then met several friends of theirs on Twitter too. What started as a chance encounter turned into friendship. What a nice group of people. When I found out that Luminoth was talking about a western tour with a stop in Vegas I thought everyone in Las Vegas (or coming to Vegas) should know. So I asked them for an interview and to review their CD.

The Band

Adam Henry (vocals, Fender guitar& amp)

John Springer (back up vocals, Fender bass & Acoustic amp)

Jason Henry (lead Gibson guitar & Peavey amp)

Paul McGee (Yamaha drums, Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, & Remo heads)

LUMINOTH is a four-man alternative/progressive rock band based out of Knoxville,TN. They have played the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival 2011 and also the Ernie Ball Stage in VAN’S WARPED TOUR 2009 and most recently VAN’S WARPED TOUR 2011. LUMINOTH has shared a stage with SEVENDUST, Black Tide, Art of Dying, Hell or Highwater, DROWNING POOL and OPIATE–The Audio and Visual Experience of TOOL.

As fans and radio disc jockeys can attest to they are hard to categorize into an alternative subgenre. LUMINOTH’s unique sound is a result of their varied music backgrounds which include everything from metal, punk, jazz, and classic rock-n-roll. One local radio station DJ described Luminoth as “THE DOORS on metal. LUMINOTH is melodic and harmonious but with a thunderous metal drive.”

LUMINOTH’s band members have a tight integrated chemistry on stage and this is readily apparent to their audience. Their dynamic stage presence over flows into the audience and fans have often said that they feel like they had been invited to a private jam session with the band.

Singer Adam Henry lends the band vocal power. He is melodic, virtuosic, and can deliver an explosive drive. Adam is a “vocal-motive,” rolling the stage experience right out into the audience like a freight train.

Bassist John Springer brings a percussive complexity to LUMINOTH and combined with his energetic stage presence he is the kinetic force behind the band.

Guitarist Jason Henry delivers an aggressive dark edginess that gives an impenetrable metal influence to the LUMINOTH sound. On stage, Jason goes off the grid.

Drummer Paul McGee has an outside of the box style that is a fresh musical approach to rock drumming. Paul is the intensity in the arc of LUMINOTH.

LUMINOTH’s tight chemistry stems from their long time friendship that goes back to the days before they officially founded in 2005. The band states that their self-titled debut album in 2009 was like “pieces of a complex music puzzle falling into place.”

The Interview

1) I asked each member of the band to submit 3 sentences. 1 describing themselves, 1 describing the band, 1 describing their main musical influences.

Adam Henry

I’m the singer and rhythm guitarist of LUMINOTH and I’m also pretty much a geek because I love to read and write computer code. LUMINOTH is an band that was fused by each of our musical styles. My main influences will probably shock you because they are : Otis Redding, Maynard Keenan, Nat King Cole, Chris Cornell, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Phil Anselmo, and Frank Sinatra.

Jason Henry

I’m the lead guitarist for LUMINOTH and I’m the metal head in the band. LUMINOTH is hard to describe…people have tried to categorize us and they just don’t know where we fit in because we can sound like TOOL one minute and then like Porcupine Tree the next I guess LUMINOTH is the best of all of our musical influences which is pretty damned wide. My main influences would have to be Soundgarden, Metallica, Alice In Chains, and The Sword.

John Springer

I’m the wacky bassist and probably the humor in the band although we all have a wicked sense of humor. LUMINOTH is a brotherhood and it’s each of us from The Doors, to TOOL, to a little Primus. Although my roots are old school punk my main primary bass influences are definitely Justin Chancelor, and Getty Lee and I play a Getty Lee signature Fender.

Paul McGee

I am a drummer and I tune drums, teach drums, tech drums, sell drums, build kits, and I’m a firm believer in the Yamaha God. We are the total sum of our parts and it’s seems a lot of people have trouble describing us and I’m no better. My main drumming influences are Stuart Copeland, Benny Greb, and Stanton Moore.

2) How was the band formed and any interesting information about that?

We all knew each other prior to our officially forming in 2005. We new each other as musicians and became good friends despite our various musical leanings. We would get together and have jam sessions because we wanted to see what would mesh if we all go together. Then there finally came a point when the bands that we were in disbanded. At this point we all just decided that since we were not longer committed to any band that we would form our own. It was weird or Divine timing how it all just fell into place. If you would have heard the bands we were in before LUMINOTH you might not think it would work or be able to see us all together. John was a major punk. Jason a complete metal head, Paul a jazz music snob, and then there’s Adam who has vocal ability ranging from Sinatra to some of the best damn screamers and growlers around.

3) What is the bands most memorable show/venue and info about that?

Oh that’s easy. Ernie Ball Stage Van’s Warped Tour 2011 in Atlanta. Not because it was awesome and there was over 20,000 people there but because it was absolutely the most painfully uncomfortable show we’ve ever done. Picture this- Atlanta in August and it’s 104 and humid. You’re playing outdoors and all the band tents and stage are not on a grassy field but on black top. Outside our tent it registered 107. Our merch tent became a first aid tent. Our band manager started pulling people into our tent to administer basic first aid because the first aid tents were so far away. We treated 10 people in our tent and started passing out all of our cold water that we had brought in our cooler. People were dropping like flies. We took one person to a first aid tent and had to return to our own because the lines were so long and backed up. Jason our guitarist puked before he went on stage and puked when he came off stage. Paul our drummer came off stage soaked through with sweat. His face was deep purplish red, and he was nauseous and was shaking like a leaf. I swear he came close to heat stroke. We all thought Paul was going to have to go to the hospital. Our manager ended up visiting an ambulance because the first aid lines were so long. She actually developed giant heat hives and nausea. There was no shade, even in the shade. and no wind. Absolutely awful. Then when we had to load our gear up security would not let us pull our van down next to the gate (where we unloaded with all the big band buses) because we did not have a hang tag. We had band passes and bracelets, and had never heard of a hang tag. Then in 104 degree heat we had to haul amps and all equipment up a big ass hill that was almost a half mile from our tent. We made this trip 8 times to get all of our gear to the van. Oh, and did I mention that the security guys watched us the entire time, and still refused to let us pull our van down there. Our manager even tried to talk to them. One security officer disagreed with the other but it didn’t help. They were complete assholes. We came out the VIP gate with amps and instruments…..do we look like festival patrons to you? Idiots! I’m not kidding. This is the only show we’ve ever done that we’ve had to be field medics and lost complete respect for security.

4) What is the bands favorite song to perform?

Our favorite song to perform live is probably The Journey. It’s long but we enjoy it!

5) The new CD is Cabal. What does that mean and is there any significance to the artwork?

Our newest CD is Cabal. It’s our second CD and was released in 2010 Cabal means a secret group or faction, or a secret plot. The significance of the name Cabal, we felt was appropriate for the second album. The first album was our self titled album “Luminoth.” Cabal was about the coming together of our different music backgrounds (or factions) into something solid. In a way Cabal was a conspiracy against our differences to bring us together musically to be a whole or LUMINOTH.

6) What are the band future plans?

Right now we have one more show in Indianapolis until after the first of the year. We are taking a hiatus on touring in order to finally get the time to work on the new album. We are laying down demo tracks right now and looking at different producers and shopping around. We would love to work with Nick Raskulinecz who is a Knoxville native, or Rick Rubin, or Warren Huart of Swinghouse. We are looking to release the 3rd album hopefully in the summer of 2012.

7) When ya coming to VEGAS?

We are planning on touring out to Vegas sometime in the spring maybe as early as March. We are looking forward to it. Vegas is going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be a mini Vegas-cation for us also. lol

8) Last chance to add anything you want people from Vegas to know about you

We’re LUMINOTH and we’re from Knoxville TN. You can listen to LUMINOTH on LastFM, Spotify, and soon Pandora. We are also on iTunes and Amazon. SUPPORT MUSIC-SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE and come say hi on the book of face.

The CD Cabal

Let me begin this CD review by saying that I absolutely LOVE this CD. It is far easier to  listen to than to review. What makes it difficult is describing the intricate genre blending style accurately and giving it the credit it deserves. I usually critique each individual song but this is really more about the musical experience of listening to the CD in it’s entirety. Cabal begins with a southern rock sounding Origin, Then 4 soungs loop together (Running with Scissors, The Journey, Cyberia and Three Monkeys) that I could listen to forever. I love multi-genre songs with tempo changes, ripping guitar riffs, and a range of vocal prowess. I like how each member of the band gets a chance to showcase their talent and that is a how 4 musicians should work together. Though this rarely occurs in this day and age. I can see why The Journey is the band favorite to perform because it is my favorite as well. After the little acoustic ditty Loading… Please Wait the Cd wraps up with another quartet of fabulous songs Cabal, Pacemaker, Serial Crasher and In the Dark. Seemingly a little darker and different from the rest of the CD but very good none the less. Just when you think you know what to expect next everything changes and I like the way that works. I was thinking of what I asked the band and if I had to describe Luminoth in one sentence it would be “Luminoth is the Led Zeppelin of the 2010’s” because of the melodic fusion of bluesy, heavy, funky, love to listen to music. I know that’s pretty boldbut I think they deserve it. There’s only one way to know for sure. Get ahold of this music and listen to it for yourself. Get to know Luminoth. I think you’ll be glad you did. As soon as the tour dates are set you will see them here first on Vegas24Seven.com and 247-Las-Vegas.com

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Booking inquiries: contact trish@luminoth.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/LUMINOTH?sk=info

Twitter – https://twitter.com/#!/Luminothmusic


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